Each day at our cafe is spent seeking out amazing flavors and sharing them with our local community.  Still, every person who walks through our doors brings with them unique flavor preferences.  With that in mind, our roaster created a special blend of coffees that piques the interest of the ‘coffee nerd’ and truly satisfies the everyday drinker.  After countless hours tasting and trialing, our roaster presented Tried and True: a timeless filter blend that unites all coffee drinkers through complex sweetness, balanced acidity, and structured body.  Whether you drink your coffee black or with cream and sugar, we’re confident you’re going to love every cup.

This blend has a smooth body with notes of chocolate and strawberry.

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Coffee is roasted-to-order on Monday, and shipped to you by Thursday via USPS. Orders will be filled immediately if we have coffee on hand. Otherwise, your order will be roasted & shipped the following week.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

10oz whole bean, 16oz whole bean, 2lb whole bean, 5lb whole bean