PRODUCERS: Various small-holder farmers

REGION: Ayarza – Santa Rosa

VARIETIES: Catuai, Anacafe 14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon

ELEVATION: 1400 – 2000 Meters

PROCESS: Sun-dried Natural

TASTES LIKE: Black currant, concord grape, jammy

STORYAround 20,000 years ago, the region of Ayarza, Guatemala shook violently with the simultaneous eruptions of two neighboring volcanoes. The explosion was so great that the mountains collapsed in on themselves, creating the caldera that now forms the Laguna de Ayarza. Today, the rich soil, freshwater, and high elevations are ideal for producing high-quality coffee, but the rocky terrain makes it difficult for the Ayaraza mill to produce sun-dried naturals. For this reason, workers transport select cherries to the neighboring region of Amatitlan. Here there is enough flat land to spread the cherries out evenly for drying. The bright sun and cool breeze help to dry the coffee at the perfect temperature, creating complex fruit-forward acidity and sweetness.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

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