FARM Alto Bellavista

REGION Palestina, Huila


ELEVATION 1900 – 2000 meters

PROCESS 36-hour fermentation, Washed

TASTES LIKE Candied Orange, Cherry, Cacao

STORY:  For Ana Lidia and her family, growing sustainable coffee is more than a job— it’s a way of life. Her farm, Alto Bellavista, is planted with 100% Caturra variety coffee. This variety often struggles to produce a high yield at lower elevations without excessive fertilization, but the farm’s 1900 meter altitude allows Ana to utilize organic farming practices. Her family and local community depend on her farm, which helps to feed and support members of her local church. Single variety lots roast more evenly and produce focused flavors. Almost Kenya-like in flavor profile, we’re getting notes of candied orange, cherry, and cacao.



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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

10oz whole bean, 16oz whole bean, 2lb whole bean, 5lb whole bean