Private Event

Request to host a full venue event at Civil Pour

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For parties larger than 40 guests, a full venue rental would be required, and a 2-week notice is preferred. This allows us to post and promote our closing on social media, and staff appropriately.

When the venue is reserved for a private event, the following guidelines will apply:

• A master tab that meets the minimum spend must be opened for all guests

• Gratuity of 20% will be added to the master tab, to include any items sold by us on your tab, including outside catering we arrange.

• Civil Pour can arrange your catering for you, a portion of which can be included in your master tab spend requirements. Ask us for details

• The client may bring in their own outside catering with advance notice, but this will not count towards any minimum spend at Civil Pour. Guests must provide their own serving ware and utensils for outside catering, and clean up for the outside items. If any outside catering is taken away, guests should also provide those to-go containers.

• The venue must be reserved for a minimum of 3 hours. The minimum spend (with or without your own provided outside catering) for a full venue rental is $1,200 plus 20% gratuity. If we arrange the outside catering for you, this will be added to your master tab and a portion may count toward your minimum spend. Each additional hour adds a $400 minimum spend requirement (e.g. a 4-hour rental requires $1,600 minimum spend).

• If a full venue rental occurs, it must begin at 6pm (or later) to utilize our 3-hour minimum. If it begins earlier, a longer reservation (or greater minimum spend) is required.

• All full venue rentals require a signed Private Party Contract, as well as 50% deposit in advance

This is a contract for services and agreement to pay for services in accordance with the terms set forth herein, between Civil Pour, “The Venue,” and:

Please provide a description of the event type (e.g. rehearsal dinner, happy hour, etc.)
Date of Event / Start Time of Event
Minimum 3 hours and $1,200 required spend. Must begin at 6pm or later. If an earlier start time is desired, a longer reservation/minimum spend are also required.
If you have special requests, deletions from our standard menu for this event, a caterer, florist, or other vendor delivering to us, please list that information here.
Terms of the Contract
Menu Selection
Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, our standard menu shall be available for the event and its attendees. If the Customer specifies otherwise, the Customer shall select to eliminate certain food and beverage items from our standard offerings. The menu eliminated items shall be requested by the Customer in the notes section of this agreement.

Minimum Food and Beverage Requirements
The Venue has specified that the minimum spend for the event is $1,200 for a minimum of 3 hours or greater as requested above on this form. The Customer may elect less hours if they so choose, but the minimum spend requirement remains in place. Additional minimum spend may be required if the Venue is reserved for more than the specified hours listed above.

Confirmation of Reservation
Confirmation is not made until Venue receives the deposit.

Payment and Method of Payment Deposit
A security deposit equal to 50% of the Minimum Spend is required to secure your date and will be applied to your final bill. The balance will be due at the close of the event. For the deposit, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover).

Final Payment
Final Payment is due at the conclusion of the event. No split checks are permitted. For final payment only, we accept cash, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover). A gratuity of 20% shall be added to the bill for all items we sell, including all food, pastries, drinks, and other items. Gratuity is not part of the minimum spend.

Cancellation and Deposit Forfeiture Policy
The following cancellation and deposit forfeitures apply:

• Party canceled 45 days or more before the event: 100% refund of deposit.
• Party canceled 45 days to 31 days before the event: 75% refund of deposit.
• Party canceled 30 days to 8 days before the event: 50% refund of deposit.
• Party canceled 7 days or less before the event: 0% refund of the deposit.
Days are measured in 24-hour increments counting backward from the start time of your event.

Amenities and Additional Services Provided
At the request of the customer, additional items and services may be provided. If any additional items or services are required for the event, please email for additional accommodations.

Floral arrangements and other specialty items may be delivered to the Venue on the day of the event. The Venue can arrange for its baker to create a wedding/specialty cake which can be included in your Minimum Spend. If outside catering is desired, The Venue may arrange this so that it is also included as part of your Minimum Spend. The Venue will not be responsible for lost or stolen items brought in by Customer, Customer's guests, or vendors hired by the Customer.

Alcoholic Beverages
The Venue carries a beer and wine license. Unless prior arrangements have been made and paid for, outside alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the property. If items are paid for at the time of purchase, beer or wine may leave the premises in approved, sealed legal containers. The venue and its employees have the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any patron or guest who by his or her behavior or appearance is believed to be incapable of tolerating further alcohol consumption. We will act in accordance with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission standards to preserve our license to serve and sell beer and wine.

Per the City of Dallas ordinance, no smoking is permitted within 15 feet of The Venue.

I have read the entire agreement and I agree to the terms as presented.

I have read and understand the services provided, and the deposit required to secure the event, and agree that additional services not specifically listed will be my expenses to incur, separately from the Minimum Food and Beverage Requirements.