• Civil Pour Storefront
    Civil Pour Storefront

Brought to you by the founders of Big Texas Beer Fest, Civil Pour seeks to become North Texas’ highest-quality coffee shop, good beer bar, and growler-filling station. Don’t worry, we also plan to carry amazing locally-made pastries, and prepare some delicious panini sandwiches and desserts in house.

After spending nearly a decade producing some of the region’s top beer festivals, our latest venture is to pour coffee and beer in unconventional methods, that yield the best quality product.  We have an unrelenting passion to ensure that good beer and specialty coffee are presented unlike any other retail establishment in Texas.

We attended Texas Coffee School and visited coffee shops all over the United States. Our coffee program will consist of:

  • Multiple coffees available daily from our pour over bar.
  • North Texas’ first Poursteady. This automates the pour over coffee method, ensuring a perfect cup every time.
  • Perfect coffee-brewing water that goes through a multi-step process so that it’s just right.

For our beer program, we hired Neil Witte to help us choose and install the best draft equipment. Our draft program will consist of:

  • 30 taps, featuring 25 of the best beers, ciders and meads we can find, with a focus on draft-only, and once-annual releases. Plus 5 non-alcoholic options, including delicous cold brew.
  • Texas’ first Gruber growler-filling machine. Nearly production-brewery quality growler fills.
  • A crowler-filling machine, if that’s your thing. But our growler fills will be even better than a crowler.
  • The cleanest draft lines, with equipment that won’t allow the beer to permeate the draft tubes.

Finally, we got inspired by some world-class panini sandwich programs, so expect:

  • Delicious made-to-order panini-press sandwiches
  • A wide array of pastries to go along with your coffee
  • Our housemade signature dessert, the S’morespresso. This dessert consists of bourbon vanilla graham cracker ice cream, 2 shots of espresso, and a torched marshmallow.

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