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Brought to you by the founders of Big Texas Beer Fest, Civil Pour is a combination specialty coffee shop, great beer bar, sandwich shop, and growler-filling station. If we offer something, we've tested it in-house. We pride ourselves on offering the best of everything we carry. Nothing here is half-baked. Speaking of, we also carry an assortment of locally-made pastries to go alongside our other offerings.

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After spending nearly a decade producing some of the region’s top beer festivals, Civil Pour is our year-round outlet for our creative passions, coffee and beer. We strive to pour coffee and beer in unconventional methods, that yield the best quality product. We believe that our guests will recognize the difference between us, and the average coffee shop or beer bar.


For many, their day begins with coffee. It’s an important ritual that’s gone on for centuries. People rejuvenate and get a lot of satisfaction by enjoying their favorite drink. And whether that’s the best cup of black coffee, or our signature house latte, The Warlock, the choices are up to you, and the execution up to us.

We worked for years perfecting our coffee program. Here are just a few features you can expect at Civil Pour:

  • Water that’s filtered 7 times, for perfect coffee brewing.
  • A rotating cast of coffee roasters, hand-selected by us. Less than 10% make the cut.
  • Pour-over coffee that’s the same, every time, using our PourSteady brewer.
  • A creative selection of hot and cold coffee curations, tested and re-tested in-house.
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We’ve been in and around the beer industry since 2008, hoping one day to create a beer bar we’d be proud to go to. Beer has been around for millennia, but brewers from all over the world are creating the best beer the world has ever seen. The creativity, collaboration, passion, and hard work are second to no industry we know of. We worked equally as hard, and for many years, on ideating our perfect vision of what a beer bar should be, and how it should be served.

Here are a few features that set us apart from other beer bars:

  • A hand-selected tapwall from our team of experienced industry veterans. Rare, seasonal, best-of-style, and many only available on draft.
  • Beer gas that’s a blend of 70/30 CO2/Nitrogen for a smooth pour every time.
  • Tap lines cleaned every 2 weeks, using methods 80x more effective than many bars.
  • A growler-filler from Austria, that’s oxygen-free. This allows you to enjoy an unopened growler weeks, or even months later.
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Panini Sandwiches

Any great beer bar, must also serve great food. We really had no desire to operate a full kitchen, and researched how to execute great food without one, for years. Inspired by our travels, we came across a panini sandwich program that really impressed us. To curate our own menu, we hired a local chef to create the menu, plating guide, and source the best ingredients.

We were also on the hunt for Cuban sandwiches, and traveled from Florida to California in search of the best. Our chef was able to help us get pulled pork from local BBQ favorite Pecan Lodge.

Here’s a little bit more about our sandwich program:

  • Hand selected, and house-sliced daily, meats and cheeses. Our Cuban even has pulled pork from Pecan Lodge.
  • Ingredients that are locally-sourced whenever possible.
  • Made-to-order only sandwiches, with melty cheese, fresh meats and produce.
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Pastries + Sweets

Last, and certainly not least, all of our favorite coffee shops had great pastries and sweets. Like our sandwich program, we wanted to present the best baked goods possible, but no real desire to operate a commercial bakery. We teamed up with a local pastry chef, and went through many rounds to select our favorite baked goods. In fact, we even still do this on a regular basis, to bring in new and seasonal items.

Here are a few notes about our pastry + sweets program

  • Signature, house-made S’morespresso, featuring bourbon vanilla, graham cracker ice cream (from Sweet Firefly) + drizzled espresso, and a torched, homemade marshmallow.
  • Literally home-made pastries, these come from our friend Arielle Pastryworks.
  • In many cases, complementary flavors to pair with our pour-over coffees.
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